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You are probably reading this page because you found us in your search. As a matter of fact, 90% of Internet users rely on search engines on a regular basis.

A lot of business owners are aware of the importance of SEO. However, mere awareness is not enough! Nowadays, SEO is more important than the search engines. SEO is not bounded by websites, which means that it is important for businesses with no websites, either.

 The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google results.

A professional SEO can increase your traffic by 40 percentages in 6 months.

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Do you Need SEO Services For Your Website?

Why Resaneh Lab for SEO of your website?


SeoBaan is the first Persian online SEO checker, developed by Resaneh Lab engineers. SeoBaan helps you to evaluate your website SEO generally and figure out the proper ways of optimization.

Resaneh Lab hires specialized staff in every field to provide the best result for customers. Hence, to get the best results, we employ specialists in the field of optimization and content production. International documents and certificates from companies such as Google and Woorank guarantee the quality of Resaneh Lab work.

  • Resaneh Lab creates Google AdWords account for customers and defines campaigns and ads.
  • Resaneh Lab manages Google AdWords account of customers to get the best results. It means that minimum Customer acquisition cost (CAC) per most related keywords will be defined to achieve the best results for customers.
  • We only use standard SEO technique and do not apply improper SEO approaches (Black Hat SEO), even by the request of our customers.
  • SEO Techniques are more effective and last longer. But inappropriate SEO techniques harm websites irrecoverable.

What Is Resaneh Lab Formula for SEO?


SEO Is NOT sorcery!!!

SEO is all about knowing the rules and regarding them!! Fraudulents may abuse your lack of knowledge in SEO. So, It’s better to start your website optimization process with gathering required information.

It's Called SEO, Not Magic!


 Resaneh Lab’s 7 Steps For SEO

why successful businesses choose Resaneh Lab for SEO? Here is the reason, the 7 Steps of Resaneh Lab :

Firstly, we will check your website in terms of SEO technical parameters by using a variety of tools and SeoBaan.Then, we will list the website SEO deficiencies. A standard website allows search engines to easily read your website. we optimize your website and if the problems are infrastructural, we will solve these problems by redesigning your website.

This stage is very important. Let’s start with a question: For example, you want to go to a music class. What words and phrases do you search? music class? Learning music? music class price? Which of these terms are searched the most? the answer is the Music Class List.

Well, now the question is: what kind of phrases do people search to find your service on the internet? Maybe you think you know the answer, but finding the answer is not that easy! Because people don’t have the similar attitude.

We use analytical tools to determine which phrases people are searching on Google to reach to what you offer a service or product. we make a list of important and relevant keywords for your business. Based on the keywords, the appropriate formula will be discovered.

Organizing content makes it easier for Google to find content on your website. Resaneh Lab organize your data and content to help you to get higher ranks.

The key to appearing in top ranks is to produce and optimize the content related to your business based on keywords. Today, the main focus of search engines (Google) is on the content of the website. If your website does not have good content, why should Google display it to users?! Resaneh Lab content team, with respect to the extracted keywords, generates and modifies your content, thereby increasing the ranking of your website in search engines.

When a friend introduces someone to do something for you, your trust in that person will grow higher. In the world of webs, if you want to increase the rank of your website in search engines, you should have credentials. When other sites link to your site, your site’s credibility increases to Google, and your rank in related keywords goes up. Do not forget that getting backlinks should be from popular sites, and getting backlinks from untrusted and cheap websites will reduce the credibility of your website.

Social networks are effective in the results of search engines. So, the presence of your website on social networks will increase the site’s rank in Google. Our social networking specialists will take care of it for you.

In the last step, we will monitor changes of your website in search engines within a year. Based on the results of these changes, we will make the next decisions to achieve the best results.

If the steps above are done correctly, your website traffic will grow by at least 40% within 6 months.
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Resaneh Lab SEO Packages

Basic Formula
  • Suitable for low competing areas of the market
  • Check and fix the technical problems of the website
  • SEO-onpage optimization up to 5 pages
  • Installing Google Webmaster and Analytics
  • Keyword analysis and competitor analysis
  • Generating 4 related articles
  • Generating 50 regular backlinks
  • Website registration in directories
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Standard Formula
  • Suitable for most of the areas and fields of market
  • Check and fix the technical problems of the website
  • Page optimization (SEO-onpage) up to 10 pages
  • Installing Google Webmaster and Analytics
  • Keyword analysis and competitor analysis
  • Producing 8 related articles
  • producing 2 infographics
  • Producing and publishing 1 Advertisement Reporting on news sites
  • Generating 50 backlinks
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Advenced Formula
  • Suitable for businesses with intense competition
  • Check and fix the technical problems of the website
  • Page optimization (SEO-onpage) up to 20 pages
  • Installing Google Webmaster and Analytics
  • Keyword analysis and competitor analysis
  • Producing 12 related articles
  • Producing 4 Infographics
  • Producing and publishing 2 Advertisement Reporting on news websites
  • Generating 100 Backlinks
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Is SEO enough for my business success?

SEO is only a small part of your online business success plan.
In order to have a successful plan and save your budget, you need a comprehensive business plan, a professional website, professional content providing and many.
We recommend contacting our advisers before start anything to help you formulate a comprehensive business success plan.

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