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One of the success parameters for companies and organizations in the digital era is to have a virtual identity and to let other people find you and know more about you from all over the world.

To design a website, Resanehlab Designs the Smallest elements of a web page as the first step and By putting together these small elements, Pages born. That’s how a website represents your identity in the digital world and let you improve your business success level.

 Resaneh Lab design your website according to your brand book and brand identity.

Your website is your business window shop. Resaneh Lab designs your website according to your brand book and brans identity.

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  • Resaneh Lab designs your Ecommerce website According to your Brand Book and Brand Identity.
  • Resaneh Lab only uses qualified graphical content to create an Ecommerce website which is representing your brand voice.
  • Resaneh Lab does not start the project without qualified content. If you don’t have qualified content, we will take care of it by providing the content.
  • creativity is unmeasurable parament of our work
  • Designing the Smallest elements of a web page is the first step of the project.
  • By putting together these small elements, Resaneh Lab builds your website.
  • Resaneh Lab guaranties your website functionality for 5 years.
  • Resaneh Lab support team is by your side.
  • Resaneh Lab continuously monitors your website functionality.
  • Resaneh Lab updates your website for better functionality whenever new updates are available.

Resaneh lab designs and develops websites according to the latest world standards. All of Resaneh lab websites are :

  • Responsive
  • SEO friendly
  • Secured with the latest security technologies

Website Packages

Standard Web Design
  • suitable for introducing businesses and organizations
  • Professional UI/UX design
  • A wide variety of modules and features to choose from
  • Support and training
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Customized Web Design
  • Suitable for unique and spectacular websites
  • Creative Design and ideas
  • Dedicated development
  • Wireframe Design
  • Mockup design
  • Modules developing according to customer request
  • Support and training
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How We Can Help You

Resaneh Lab success Formula for Ecommerce Design

where to start from for having an Ecommerce website?

Design and developing a website in Resaneh Lab has 4 steps. We do not design your website without one of these steps, because we believe : for having a great online business, a firm and solid foundation is essential.

طراتحی سایت حرفه ای

Before making any decisions, you need a consultation. In the web design world, there are lots of factors which need to be considered and having information, can lead to better decisions.

Without knowing the essential principles of managing an online shop ( such as costs and challenges ) you won’t be able to get good results. That’s why having initial information is important.
If you are going to design a website, Resaneh Lab consultants can help you to bring your dreams into life. We guide you through this rocky road to achieving your business goals.

To start a new successful website, having a business plan is essential. A business plan shows the path to your success-topia! A good Business plan indicates that :
• How much a website cost for one year?
• What are the most important factors for customer acquisition?
• What is the ideal time interval between each update?
• What should you do after publishing the website?
Resaneh Lab can help you to write a business plan for your new business goals.

A Website without qualified content is like a boring advertising billboard. So, providing qualified content is sufficient for web designing. In this case, Users become customers.

The fourth step is to design a website with the aid of provided contents. designing a website has 6 phases :

  • Wireframe Design
  • Mockup
  • UI/UX development
  • Back-End Development
  • Testing
  • Publishing
طراحی سایت فروشگاهی

Is it enough to have a website for a successful business?

Your website is your business window shop. But the truth is having a website is not sufficient for success. You should have a comprehensive plan for your presentment in the online world. We plan it, execute it, and make business prosperity possible for your company.

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